Everyone shares a Common Future: let’s ensure it’s one that works for all

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This past summer My Life My Say has been running a series of Brexit Cafes across the UK and Europe aimed at building on the results of our ground-breaking report published by the LSE, entitled UK Youth Perspectives and Priorities for the Brexit Negotiations. We focused the cafe series into two major themes, while also asking if the attendees believe that the government is delivering on what young people want out of Brexit. We launched a series of cafes based on: Empowering young Europeans cafes, Nationwide Conversations cafes and Intergenerational Dialogue cafes.


The Empowering young Europeans cafes were aimed at young European citizens living in the UK and young Brits living in Europe. The aim of this project has been to understand the main concerns young European citizens have about their rights as citizens, in light of the Brexit negotiations and to give them a voice in the future relationship between the UK and EU.


My Life My Say has also been embarking on a Nationwide Review entitled “Listen!”, which aimed to discuss whether young people they feel as though they are involved in the negotiations, and subsequently whether they desire a final say on the deal that the UK government negotiates.


Through the Intergenerational Dialogue cafes, MLMS will be delivering series of Cafes that foster inter-demographic dialogue, community resilience and empathy and understanding post-Brexit.


Now we are taking what we have learned in these series of cafes to launch our conference, entitled: Common Futures Forum (CFF) on the 14th of November. This conference will bring together UK and EU citizens living across the UK and the EU.



At the CFF conference we will hold:

  • A series of mini TEDx talks
  • Innovative workshops
  • Debates between young influencers & decision-makers
  • Keynote speeches


Through our CFF conference, we want to demonstrate that young people across Europe and in the UK still feel very connected and share a common future despite the divisive narrative of Brexit. We also want to try to unite a divided country by showcasing the work that MLMS has been doing over the year to foster debate and discussion between different demographic groups. We plan on launching our report series that focuses on (1) empowering EU citizens and giving them a voice in the Brexit negotiations and (2) scrutinising the government on whether it is delivering on Brexit for future generations. And we plan on developing several pledges that demonstrate the commitment of all attendees to working on a Common Future that works for everyone.


Common Futures Forum aims to bridge the divisions exposed by the EU referendum by facilitating dialogue and evolving relationships between social groups with divergent views.


This is an innovative event, that will include social media influencers, performers and creative artists to showcase their passion. This will be the most un-conference-like conference you have ever attended. MLMS is a non-partisan group. We strive to create unity in a country that in recent years has seen unequivocal divisions. Our Common Futures Forum aims to amend these divisions by recognizing that despite our past and present of discord and divergence, we have a common future. We have the capability of creating a future that is best for all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages through empathy and understanding.


Do you want to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience?


If you are an individual or an organisation who would like to attend the CFF event on the 14th of November, please fill out the application form for a chance to become part of this unifying and inspiring event.



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